Dubai is renowned for its captivating infrastructure, scenic tourist destination, and peaceful living standard. Besides all these qualities, the thing that is important to mention is the business opportunities. Therefore, calling Dubai the center of trade and business in the Middle East wouldn’t be wrong. Currently, there are thousands of Types of commercial real estate for sale in Dubai.

Dubai has been the center of attention of investors and businesses all across the globe. In addition, the escalating business opportunities in Dubai attract job seekers and unemployed people from different parts of the world. Regardless of the size of the business, every business nowadays wants its presence in Dubai.

As an entrepreneur or business owner, if you are looking to establish your business in Dubai. You have come to the right place. Sometimes, finding commercial Real estate in Dubai can be challenging. If you are seeking assistance before Buy property in Dubai, you have come to the right place.

Our expert Real estate agents in Dubai will dedicatedly work to show you different Types of commercial real estate for sale in Dubai. In this article, we have mentioned a wide range of business real estate available in Dubai. You may choose anyone that meets your requirements.

Types of Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Dubai


As mentioned above, Dubai is famous for starting a new business or getting a job. Therefore, if you are looking to buy an office space you can find a wide range of options both for sale and rent. As an entrepreneur in Dubai, you can select between unfurnished or furnished offices in Dubai and co-working spaces.

You have unlimited options when it comes to Buy property in Dubai. Regardless of the kind of property you are looking for Dubai always offers something quite surprising. The price of commercial property in Dubai depends on the size, location, and condition of the property. Some of the top recommended options to buy commercial offices are  Business Bay, Jumeirah Lake Towers, the Sheikh Zayed Road, Deira, and Bur Dubai.

The average price of commercial offices starts from AED 290k and goes up to millions. Similarly, if you are looking to rent a property in Dubai the rent starts from AED 999 up to AED 10M.

Co-Working Spaces

10 years back there was no concept of co-working space. However, in recent years the idea of co-working spaces has gained immense popularity. The reason more people prefer such spaces is due to the low capital requirements and high flexibility. In addition, Co-Working Space is beneficial for Small business owners and freelancers in many ways.

For example, such a workspace is a collective space among many firms. Also, the employee feels more connected while working in a limited area but a highly professional working environment. The top suggested places buy co-working spaces in Dubai are The Bureau Dubai, Nest, Our Space, and Nook. Here are some of the prominent names that offer the best commercial real estate anywhere in Dubai.

Price of Property

The rent of co working spaces in Dubai starts from as low as AED 10,000 to AED 19,000. The rent depends on the size of the property you are looking for.


The most widely available Commercial place in Dubai is shop units and retail spaces. From the investment point of view, the shops are the most profitable investment as a growing business in Dubai looking for shops. This type of commercial real estate is commonly available in any Dubai area. In addition, you can buy them both in the secondary and Dubai off plan projects.

Currently, if you want to buy or rent shops in the Dubai property market. We suggest you invest in the following areas.

  • Jumeirah Lake Towers
  • Business Bay
  • International City
  • Dubai Marina
  • Meydan
  • DIFC
  • Downtown Dubai
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis

Price of Property

The cost of shops in Dubai starts from AED 245k. For a huge space shop, the prices can increase up to booming AED 4M. Similarly, if you are looking to rent a retail shop the starting rent is AED 10k and may go up to thousands of dollars.


Particular people purchase or rent showrooms to exhibit vehicles, heavy machinery, or the latest electronic gadgets. Investing in Commercial property and especially in showrooms is a worthy investment as you can expect a greater return on investment (ROI).

Generally, you have plenty of options if you are looking to invest in commercial Real estate in Dubai. There is a broad range of showrooms available in Dubai. You may choose any option based on the location and size you prefer.

The size of showrooms in Dubai starts from 3,659 to 49,438 sq. ft. That means whether you are looking for small or oversized showrooms you may choose any one most appropriate for your business. In Dubai, you will find showrooms at locations like Ras Al Khor, Al Barsha, Business Bay, and Al Quoz.

Price of Property

The starting price of small size showrooms is AED 125k per annum. And for large area showrooms, the prices may go up to AED 5.5M.

Commercial Units

Commercial units are in great demand in Dubai nowadays. And investors are giving special attention to commercial units as they expect a high return on investment as compared to any other Real estate in Dubai. Commercial units are the ideal option for independent small businesses like gyms or spas.

Furthermore, commercial units are constructed in mixed use complexes, residential communities, and business centers.

Due to the high demand, the price of a full floor is at least AED 3,200,000. Also, the rent starts from AED 242,000 per year.


Whether you are looking to stock the inventory or start a small scale manufacturing you must need a warehouse. A warehouse is a commercial property available in Dubai. Also from the investment point of view acquiring a store house is a great investment. As it generates a high annual income.

In recent years the concept of e-commerce business has gained popularity among the masses. Such businesses need spaces to keep the stock. Hence they look forward to buying a warehouse in Dubai. Furthermore, trading and manufacturing companies also have affordable warehouse space. A few of the best places to buy or rent a warehouse in Dubai include Al Quoz, Ras Al Khor, Dubai Investments Park, Technology Park, Al Qusais, and Al Warsan.

Price of Property

The price of a warehouse in Dubai is based on multiple factors such as location and space. The rent for a warehouse in Dubai starts from AED 5.7k per month. On the other side, Warehouses in Dubai range in price from AED 1 million to AED 73 million.


For the manufacturing and production process, factories are the top priority. Dubai is known for the manufacturing of various commodities such as firearms, plane parts, Pharmaceuticals, automobiles, etc. As an investor, if you are looking to purchase a factory in Dubai property.

The top suggested locations are Dubai Industrial Park, Dubai Investments Park, and Al Quasis. Under these locations, you can discover plenty of purpose-built factories available to rent and buy. Furthermore, based on your production requirements you can buy or rent a factory as large as 120,000 sq. ft to as small as 4,000 sq. ft.

Price of Property

To purchase a factory in Dubai, the starting price of the smallest option is AED 150k. Similarly, for the largest factory, the cost can go up to AED 34M. While the rent starts from AED 600k per annum.

Labour Camps

Labour and workers from around the world visit Dubai to earn a living for their families. For that reason, businesses require a place so all the workers can accommodate. In Dubai real estate, labour camps are considered commercial properties. These camps provide an economical and flexible accommodation option for businesses that want to settle their workers. Most of the labour camps are constructed in the Al Quoz, Dubai Investments Park, Jebel Ali, and Muhaisnah industrial areas.

Price of Property

Labour camps in Dubai are available for both sale and rent. The starting rent price for a per room is AED 3.3k. Secondly, if you are looking to buy an entire facility it will cost a whopping AED 30M. Companies may choose any option that is pocket friendly.


There are unlimited options when it comes to commercial property in Dubai. As a business owner, you may choose any Types of commercial real estate for sale in Dubai depending on your preferences and purposes. The above mentioned options are a few of the widely available commercial properties in Dubai.

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