Purchasing, renting, and selling a property in Dubai can be extremely daunting and challenging. And this usually happens when the buyer or seller doesn’t have ample knowledge and understanding of the procedure. Similarly, every country or city has specific property related policies that can only be understandable by professionals. Therefore in property related matters, the experts are commonly known as Real estate agents. And if you are looking to Buy property in Dubai then you must go through 9 Reasons Why You Need Real Estate Agents To Buy Property Dubai.

Many of you might not believe that real estate agents are equally important even in the current time of technology. There is no doubt that the internet has made finding a property task much easier however still it cannot replace the impotence of professional agents. Nowadays internet is full of information that anyone can access within a few clicks. However, to find the right property you must join hands with a top real estate company in Dubai.

Still, if you are not convinced or against the real estate brokers then it is the correct time to go through the 9 Reasons Why You Need Real Estate Agents To Buy Property Dubai. So before you make the wrong decision and Buy Dubai property on your own check out the article.

9 Reasons Why You Need Real Estate Agents To Buy Property Dubai

Knowledge & Experience

A reputed and prominent real Estate agent has a clearer understanding and sufficient knowledge of the latest trends and current market situation. Additionally, the agents are always up-to-date with the projects and properties that are launching soon. They help their clients and customers with recommendations so they have access to a better place.

Talking about Dubai specifically to become an eminent agent you have to complete a comprehensive training session. Agents must have a firm knowledge of Dubai real estate rules and regulations. To become an authorized Real estate agents in Dubai you have to undergo a test. And only after you pass the test you can fully operate.

Besides having complete knowledge of Dubai property market they are well aware of different places and locations. So they can provide you with a better suggestion that investing in a particular place is fruitful or not.

Understands Property Market

Yes, the internet is a valuable tool when it comes to searching for a property. But either internet is better than an expert real estate agent. Without a doubt, the internet is full of information that can be really helpful but you can surely not rely on the information. For instance, the internet can never tell you whether the Dubai off plan projects will be a success or a failure. For this, you must consult Real estate companies in Dubai.

Similarly, not all information is available on the internet not all details are always revealed, and you may be left with facts and figures that are not enough. In such circumstances, the only way remains is to get in touch with an agent. Since they have secret information that can benefit you in long run. All of these things will ultimately benefit you in your decision making.

Negotiating for the Best Outcome

If you feel that hiring a real estate agent can be costly then you are absolutely wrong. They usually work as a middle man that delivers a message from buyer to seller. In addition, they make sure that they always think about benefits for their clients so they can receive a reward in form of commission. Also, if they make their customer happy and satisfied it will directly increase the reputation and successful client ratio. Hence, it will help them in the future for getting more clients.

Valuable Professional Service

From the seller’s perspective, you need to pay a minimum fee or commission to your real estate agent. That’s why the most sellers don’t consider hiring and directly selling to the buyer. Nevertheless, when you refuse to take the help of an agent you miss lots of perks. For instance, the beautiful photos of your house increase the property’s value and attract the sellers. Moreover, they save your time and effort and find the best deals for you. And all this comes with just a little bit of spending.

Professional Network

Agents working in the Top 10 real estate companies in Dubai operate professionally and try to bring the best to their customers. They have an extensive professional network with developers and investors. On the other side, as a new foreign investor in Dubai, you don’t know much about the market condition. So if you want your capital to be invested in the appropriate place the only way is to hire a property agent. In a few cases, to benefit their clients they pre-book the property before the official launch so they get the lowest price.

Access to Multiple Listing Service

If you are looking to sell a property without a property agent then you will find utmost challenges. The biggest challenge is to advertise your property to potential buyers.  If you are thinking to advertise through newspaper or social media you need to spend money and time in order to reach the potential audience.

However, if you have an agent working with you will have access to MLS (multiple listing service). MLS is an online portal that helps buyers to look for the best properties that meet their requirements. O the other side, the sellers can sell their properties without sending money on advertising in the shortest time frame.

All the Paperwork Can Be Tough

Yes, paperwork is important if you want every work to be legalized. Any deal or contract between buyer, seller, or tenant must be preserved in a legal way. When you are selling or buy land for sale in Dubai a contract will be formed that can be shown as proof. Therefore there will be lots of paperwork included that can be extremely annoying. Still, if you don’t want to face any fraudulent activities in the future you need paperwork formulated on your own or with an expert.

Our suggestion is to involve a real estate agent as the process can be extremely lengthy and daunting. Secondly, there are countless aspects when formulating the paper and as a buyer, you are not aware of them which might potentially cause problems for you. Once you have hired an agent you will be free from stress. Now that is none of your concern. All you need to keep an eye on the agent and he will ensure that all contracts are accurate, error free, and legally sound for all parties.

Save Time and Money

Living in Dubai means you are living the busiest life. In order to save time and energy, the best suggestion is to hire a real estate agent. The only thing that you have to do after hiring an agent is to tell him what kind of property you are actually looking for. In case you have a specific budget allocated or preferred location tell them before they start looking for properties. Still, if you are not convinced then the next reason will surely motivate you to hire an agent.

An agent working for real estate companies will have access to premium offers that are only available to specific agencies. This might mean a better deal than a standard DLD waiver, as well as prolonged payment plans that involve payments even after moving in.

Hire an Agent for Free

Most property buyers have a misconception that hiring a real estate brokers in Dubai can be out of their budget. Because they have to pay the service fee. But here is good news for you. Now you can hire an agent for absolutely free. This might sound unbelievable but that is true. The real estate agent will earn the 2% commission but as a buyer, you don’t have to pay. The agent will have the commission directly from the developer. And if you think that this will result in raising the property value this is not the case. The price of the property will remain unchanged. So in this condition, you will have access to your dream property without spending.


The benefits of hiring an agent are countless. However, in this article, we have discussed 9 Reasons Why You Need Real Estate Agents To Buy Property Dubai. Whether you are looking for cheap or Luxury houses for sale in Dubai you must need an expert that can assist you throughout the process. If you are looking for reputed Real estate companies in Dubai then get in touch with Time homes real estate. We are a leading real estate company located in Dubai and serving people to find their dream property in Dubai. If you need any assistance feel free to get in touch with one of our expert agents by calling at +971 52 591 1508 or sending an email at info@timehomesrealestate.com.