Purchasing a property in Dubai at a reasonable price sound like an unattainable task. We can also say that a Buy home Dubai on an economical budget doesn’t seem like a good idea. Since Dubai is popular for its luxurious and affluent infrastructure. Under such conditions, if you are on a limited investment, you must prefer any other city now read this post Where to Buy property in Dubai on small investment?

But hang on; don’t be too quick in making a decision. Despite the lavish atmosphere and highest standard of living. You can still Buy home in Dubai with a little investment. However, this was not possible a few years back. But due to the UAE government policies, visa reforms, and the economic revolution. It is now possible for everyone to invest in Dubai real estate.

People believe that you cannot enjoy high quality infrastructure, attractive amenities, and a good community atmosphere on a limited budget. But today, we are going to prove them wrong. By showing them a list of areas where to Buy property in Dubai on small investment.

For all those investors looking for inexpensive apartments, townhouses, and villas in the city. Go through the list below as we have mentioned 8 affordable places to buy Dubai property.

Where To Buy Property in Dubai on Small Investment

International City

The top recommended place to invest if you are on a small budget is International city. The area is one of the top affordable areas if you are looking to invest in Dubai real estate. Regardless as one of the cheapest areas in Dubai. You can still find the amenities you can find at any other location.

The prime feature of International city is its affordable housing options in studios to 2-bedroom configurations. In addition, the apartments are constructed in the layout of a country themed cluster. As mentioned above, there are unlimited options when it comes to amenities. You will find schools, supermarkets, medical facilities, restaurants, and cafes all over.

Property Price

The prices of houses in international city differ with the size. For example, the cost of a studio apartment is around AED 245k. Similarly, the price for a 1 and 2 bedroom apartment is AED 328k and AED 655k, respectively.

Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)

Dubai Silicon Oasis is located right in the middle of the bustling city. This area is commonly known as a technical hub of Dubai. Dubai Silicon Oasis is an ideal example of a modern architect and cutting edge society. When you buy a home in Dubai Silicon Oasis, you have the chance to enjoy first class services. Such as gym, pool, sauna, and steam room makes your time in Dubai comfortable and relaxing.

Dubai Silicon Oasis is preferable if you are looking for Commercial real estate for sale in Dubai. In addition, this place serves as a free trade zone. New business owners who cannot find a better place to start a business might show interest in this area.

Property Price

Besides the commercial properties, this area is also popular for its residential apartments. The average price for a studio apartment in DSO is AED 305k. The prices may increase go up to AED 479k for 1 bed apartments and AED 710k for 2 bed apartments.


Foreigners who are arriving in Dubai with their families for a long term stay must buy a house at Serena. This is a new project by Dubai Properties. The purpose of developing such a project was to offer a lavish style on an affordable budget. Serena’s design is based on a Spanish style townhouse. It is constructed on a massive area of 8.2 million square feet.

At Serena, you can find a calm and peaceful environment near the city. The average price of Townhouses for sale in Dubai is very expensive.

Property Price

At Serena Dubai, the price of 2 bedroom townhouses in Serena is around AED 1.1M. The prices may increase with the increasing number of rooms. The 3 bedroom townhouse will cost AED 1.5M. And AED 1.6M for 4-bedroom townhouses in Serena.

Dubai Sports City

From the name of the project, you can understand why this project is popular. The neighborhood is home to a few of the best sports venues in the city. The area features Athletics Academy, Football Academy, ICC Global Cricket Academy, and the Buch Harmon School of Golf. Besides the sporting activities, this place is the top recommend place for families.

As an investor, investing in the Dubai property market has always been your dream. So Dubai sports city is here to full fill your dream. Plus, you have the opportunity to become a Dubai property owner while being budget friendly.

Dubai sports city is a popular mixed use community. The architecture and outer ambiance combine urban life style and tucked away suburbia. You have limitless options when it comes to facilities. You will have access to Al Maya and Carrefour Market and tons of restaurants and eateries.

Property Price

The average price for a studio in Dubai Sports City is AED 337k. However, for a larger flat, the cost may increase. For example, the cost of 1 bed flat is AED 495k. Whereas the prices rise to AED 759k for a 2 bed apartment.

Dubai Production City

The most recent addition to the affordable places to buy Real estate in Dubai is Dubai Production City. The place is known as International Media Production Zone. Dubai Production City offers properties both for commercial and residential purposes.

The place has to offer everything you need to make your life style utterly comfortable. There is a wide range of public transport for the commute in the area. For grocery shopping, you have access to multiple supermarkets in the area. Moreover, the area has plenty of schools, restaurants, and mosques.

Property Price

The asking price of a studio apartment in Dubai Production City averages AED 290k. Perhaps one of the most affordable rates in the entire of Dubai. For a big size flat such as 1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms, it will cost AED 465k and AED 675k respectively.


If you are looking to invest in a top residential project in Dubai. Then you must look forward to Dubailand. It is constructed a few years back. The overall layout of the project is based on modern architecture. It is one of the most stunning projects in Dubai. In addition, there is no shortage of amenities and facilities near the area. You will have plenty of shopping malls, theme parks, eco tourism projects, restaurants, and more.

The whole community is develop, keeping the needs of residents into consideration. If you are moving to Dubai with your family, it is one of the ideal places to reside. There are plenty of educational institutes, from kindergartens to universities. Furthermore, if you love shopping, you can find West Zone Supermarket, Lifco Supermarket, Thomson Supermarket, and Shua Al Madina Supermarket near to the location.

Property Price

The price of a studio flat starts from AED 325k. However, if you are looking for a more spacious home in Dubailand, you have to pay more. For instance, a 1 bed and 2 bed apartment will cost AED 464k and 635k, respectively.

Jumeirah Lake Towers

Jumeirah Lake Towers is the best bet for investors looking to Buy property in Dubai under a budget. This place is not just a great option from an investment point of view. But if you are looking to stay for a longer period, it is not a bad option either. You will have access to a luxurious lifestyle at almost half the price. Furthermore, you will have unlimited options regarding enjoying life to the fullest.

Jumeirah Lake Towers is located opposite the Dubai marina. One of the most costly locations to Buy a home in Dubai. Still, both the locations offer almost similar facilities but with a large budget difference. In addition, people residing in high-rise apartments at JLT can explore the luxurious life of Dubai. Such as going out to bars, culinary outlets, gyms, pools, and more.

Property Price

The price of a studio in Jumeirah Lake Tower is 590k. Similarly, for a bigger option, such as a one bedroom or a two bedroom apartment. The prices are AED 900k and AED 1.35 million, respectively.

Ending Remarks

People often ask Where to Buy property in Dubai on small investment? And the simple answer to this question is you will find various projects in Dubai that offers the best prices on apartments, villas, and townhouse. However, as an investor, you must look at a wider scope. Besides the cost of the property, you must consider the return on investment.

The places we have mentioned above are the projects to consider when you have a limited budget. About us: Time homes real estate is Dubai based real estate firm. Our prime mission is to help foreigners with the best properties in Dubai. In addition, the experts working with us have been working with Dubai real estate for tens of years. So if you are looking to Buy Property in Dubai. Contact us via +971 52 591 1508 or email us at info@timehomesrealestate.com.