Whether you are looking to establish a new brand outlet at Dubai mall or set up a factory at an ideal industrial location. You must have adequate information and details about Dubai real estate. Additionally, for making the right call there are certain things to know before buying commercial property in Dubai.

Dubai is the first choice of new and existing businesses because of various reasons. Firstly, the new rules and regulations that were implemented by the government were business oriented. Secondly, the location factor provides superiority over other locations. Finally, the expats and foreigners played a vital role in making Dubai a dream place to kick off a business.

So as a foreigner if you have arrived in Dubai with an entrepreneurial vision to begin a business you have come to the right place. But before you start your journey to Buy property in Dubai you should clear your mind with the questions.

In this article we have to gather things to know before buying commercial property in Dubai, so you don’t make the wrong decision.

Things to Know Before Buying Commercial Property in Dubai


The first thing that is paramount to consider is the appropriate location. The right location predicts the future of the business. Before establishing a new business you must inspect the location from different aspects. For instance, if you are interested to open a restaurant consider the downtown location or the location in the busy night time district. Similarly, the suitable location to open a garage is an open but busy area where you can find lots of movement.

The other things that you must undertake are accessibility to important resources, suppliers, and walk in customers. Before you finalize the location think about the nature of your business and how your business will perform in the particular area. You can contact the Real estate agent in Dubai for further advice.

Updated Documents

Before buying a Commercial property for sale in Dubai you must make sure that you have all the legal documents prepared especially your business license. To buy Real estate in Dubai there are multiple documents you need to carry. Underneath we have mentioned some of the documents that are required for business setup in Dubai.

  • License Application.
  • Attested LLC agreement.
  • Governmental forms.
  • Name reservation certificate.


While looking for property the valuable advice is to get in touch with more than two real estate agents. The reason is different agents will provide different types of contracts. This means you will have lots of options and you may choose the contract that is convenient for you.  Generally, the most offered contract is for a particular time, mostly 5 or more years.

In case, you are looking to move to a new location it won’t be possible in such a condition. As you still have to pay for the lease even if you move. If you are a startup in Dubai such a contract can be very inflexible.  The better idea is to look for Real estate companies in Dubai that offer what is beneficial for you and don’t lock you in, and consider your personal circumstances.

Market Understanding

Learning about the Dubai property market is significant if you want to choose the desired property. There are different types of commercial property for sale in Dubai. And depending on the nature of the business you must choose the right property type. To pick a suitable Dubai property perform market research that which location is suited for your business or how much budget for attaining the property?

You can hunt for rates in the local marketplace if you keep these points in mind. It will provide you with an idea of prices as well as your ideal commercial location in the real estate market. Dubai is a commercial hub which means you have access to a large number of properties. However, the rates vary depending on the location and size.

Access Routes

Every business has a target market. For example, a toy store will always attract mothers and kids. Similarly, the car repair shop will always engage drivers. So before you buy property in Dubai make sure the target audience can access your business. Moreover, the property you are looking for must be within your budget. For instance, if you are setting up a garage or mechanic shop you must have a huge compound near the location so it can prevent issues like traffic jams.

In addition, if you are a frequent traveler and use to travel often find a property close to an airport. That will save both your time and finance. Clear access routes are also beneficial in preventing clients from becoming confused prior to meetings.

Finalize Your Budget

Whether you are searching for business property or luxury houses for sale in Dubai you must consider your budget. While looking for a commercial location you must have enough finance in your hands that you can buy a property anywhere in Dubai. In case you don’t have sufficient financial funds you may borrow a loan from banks and lending institutions at a minimal interest rate for an extensive period. However, you must be certain that the property will give you enough profit to pay the loan.

The best way to manage the loan is to look for flexible financial plans. This will offer you time for the payments. As a business owner, you must have lots of questions in your mind related to budget. To get the best suggestions you may contact Time homes real estate.

Go to the Right Real Estate agent

There are numerous Real estate brokers in Dubai. So whether you are looking to invest in Off plan properties for sale or buy a Commercial area it is crucial to get in touch with the right real estate agent. To find the best agent that can work according to your need. You first have to start with the market research.

Dubai is a house of a real Estate agent. You will find plenty of Real estate firms in Dubai. However, hunting for a trustworthy agent can be a real challenge. The easiest way to search for such companies is through internet research. Through technology and the internet, it is easier to evaluate the performance and past records.


Whether you are on a large or shoestring budget, the thing that is critical to undertake is the cost effective vision. As your budget is considered, you can move to an already constructed location or renovate the place.

Strike a balance and calculate the cost-effectiveness of each strategy to guarantee you arrive in your new location in the best financial shape possible. Ask local contractors if they will give you a discount if you do many jobs.

On-Site Facilities

Considering the type of location you are buying or renting make sure you have access to a large portion of on-site facilities. If you have access to a large area you can open up a café or restaurant, in addition to a shared communal space. One essential thing is that an on-site facility meets the needs of your industry.

Pick Out Your Contractors Wisely

Before trusting the contractor it is necessary to check out their past record and reputation. Before signing the contract if you have gone through the contractor’s reputation you will have a clear insight that how things will go in the future. Some contractors will work with you right from the initial phase to the last moment. Where else, few just show up towards the end and execute the plan.

Before choosing the right contractor following are the things that are important to consider.

  1. You must also consider how a contractor adjusts or manages your funds?
  2. What is their working environment like?
  3. How cooperative are they when working on your project?

Ending Remarks

Lastly, buying a commercial property in Dubai can be a very tricky task. There are utmost aspects that can never be graspable by a common man. From legal documentation to market research you must need an individual or a company that provides you with helpful advice along the way. Or you may go through things to know before buying commercial property in Dubai.

If you are interested to get in touch with an expert Real estate company in Dubai; Time homes real estate is here for you. We are the most approachable property services company in Dubai. We have assisted a large number of Dubai residents to find the best Real estate in Dubai. Our systematic and professional approach stands out from others. Our goal is to put client interest first and provide them with helpful suggestions.