There are several real estate properties in the world that catch the eyes of investors. However, in recent times, Real estate in Dubai has outperformed many real estates in the world. When it comes to investing in Dubai property, you have The Best Dubai real estate Projects 2022. All the projects give you a rewarding return if done with the help of experts.

To make Dubai the desired place for investment. There are multiple factors that have made it possible. First, the engaging government UAE policies caught the attention of investors globally. Secondly, the location advantage makes Dubai one of the best performing investment places in the world.

The future of the Dubai property market will be more profitable in the upcoming years. And especially after the Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed. As a result, more investors are looking forward to investing in Dubai real estate.

As the number one place for investment, Dubai offers multiple investment opportunities. In the end, it all depends on the investor. Where they think the return on investment can be higher. Following the trend, the Dubai property market is expected to grow. If you are looking for the Best Dubai real estate projects 2022. Here are a few of the best picks:

Dubai real estate projects 2022

Palm Jumeirah

If you are interested in investing in Palm Jumeirah villas for sale. Then Seven Palm is the highly suggested place to invest. Seven Palm is constructed in the exclusive area of Palm Jumeirah. The 14 floor building is well-known for its luxurious layout. Besides the splendid architecture, the residents have access to plenty of restaurants and entertainment options.

Seven palm is an example of the modern day with a wide range of layouts and floor plans. The pricing structure starts from AED 649,000 for Residential Apartments. Hotel Apartments start from AED 855,000 for the premium choice from the investment and living perspective. Following are the features and services you will find at Seven palm.

  • Public Beach Access
  • Retail Access
  • Olympic Size Rooftop Infinity Pool
  • Property Details & Amenities
  • Sports Bar
  • Studio – 3-bedroom apartments

Business Bay

Dubai is a center of business and trade. And especially for the Middle East region, Dubai is a hub for business. As an investor, you always want a quick return on investment. And Business bay is one of the places in Dubai that can provide you the quickest profit on the investment. Business bay is located at the heart of Dubai, which makes it the top preferred place to invest. The place is popular for its excellent infrastructure and business opportunities.

Considering the area’s infrastructure, there are over 260 towers situated mostly in offices and workplaces. Apart from the business and jobs, this Business Bay has a lot to offer residents. Most of the towers located at business bay offer residential apartments for rent and sale and penthouses and lovely garden villas.

Peninsula By Select Group

If you are interested in investing in Dubai off plan projects, Peninsula By Select Group is expected to be completed in 2024.

Property Details & Amenities

  • Studio starting from 385 sq.t
  • Spacious 3 BR of 1,950 sq. ft
  • Luxury Style Amenities
  • Waterfront location

Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is the most visited place in Dubai. And why should it not be? After all, Downtown Dubai is the home to the Dubai Mall, Burg Khalifa, and Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. All these three spots attract tourists making downtown Dubai the most visited area. The lavish lifestyle and highest standard of living are the prime reasons Downtown Dubai caught the attention of investors.

The Downtown Dubai apartment rent and price are certainly the most expensive in Dubai. Studio apartments generally attract AED 920,000, while 1-bed apartments sell for approximately AED 1.45m. However, the prediction shows the increasing number of tourists in Downtown Dubai is a vital chance for you to gain high rental yields.

Dubai Marina

One more project that has successfully grabbed the attention of investors is Dubai Marina. It is one of the preferable and desirable real estate Dubai projects.

The key feature that standout the Dubai marina from the rest of the projects is the stunning waterfront location. Besides its waterfront location, it is comprised of high-rise apartments. Additionally, the retail store, brand outlets, and restaurants have made it an eternal favorite for Dubai real estate investors.

The quoted price of properties in the Dubai marina has remained stable for many years. However, the return on investment has significantly increased and is currently at 5.80%.

City Walk

If you want to invest in a vibrant, livable, and functional place in Dubai. City walk should be top of the list. In addition, the environment around City walk is quite pleasant and peaceful, making it one of the greatest places to reside.

You will find upscale restaurants, boutiques, chic shops, and entertainment destinations around the location. If you have planned to move to Dubai with your family you can buy a house here is a perfect idea.

From an investment perspective, it is one of the iconic locations for investment. As more expats and foreigners are moving to Dubai, they defiantly need someplace to live. Therefore investing here is rewarding, and you will gain a better return than any other place in Dubai real estate.

Jumeirah Village Circle

In recent years, Jumeirah Village Circle has captured the interest of foreigners and expats due to the splendid lofts and luxurious manors. Jumeirah Village Circle is one of the recently constructed projects completed in 2005.

The massive neighborhood is surround by 350 towers making it one of the biggest neighborhoods in Dubai. Jumeirah Village Circle has all the living facilities you will see anywhere else, such as supermarkets, cafes, health centers, and food courts.

Whether you are looking for Luxury villas for sale in Dubai or Dubai rental home, you have a wide range of options. The quoted price starts from AED 485k to AED 1.1 million for a two-bedroom flat. Return on investment (ROI) currently stands at 6.7%, higher than many projects in Dubai.

Langham Place

Currently, tons of projects are under construction. And many have already been construct and are ready to move. Langham Place is one of the projects that had already drawn attention during construction.

Talking about the overall design and architecture, Langham Place is a twin-tower split into luxurious apartments and service residences. Langham Place is a London-based hospitality company project that expanded its hotels to Dubai.

So whether you are looking to Buy home in Dubai or want to invest in some quality projects, Langham Place is the perfect recommendation. Langham Place offers from one to three bedrooms apartments plus penthouses as well. Langham Place is located at a premium location in Dubai.

Arabian Ranches

Dubai is not just popular for its high rise building where you can buy a home of 1 or 2 bedrooms apartments. You can also invest in Luxury villas for sale in Dubai as an investor. However, villas are not ideal for Dubai residents because the prices are extravagant.

But there is only one location in Dubai where villas attract investors and expats. The Luxury Villas in Arabian Ranches is an ideal community that attracts families. Recently, Covid restrictions are rest, and more and more foreigners are expect to move to Dubai, and they need some accommodation. Arabian Ranches is a walled community located in Dubai’s outskirts, far away from the noisy disturbance of the city.

Cost and return on investment (ROI)

The asking price for villas starts at a million. The small 3-room manors, 4-room manors, and gigantic 5- bed units in Emaar Arabian Ranches are AED 2.6M, AED 3.8M, and AED 4.5M, respectively. You can expect a high ROI of around 5.8%.


If you are moving to Dubai and want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city. Then Al-Qudra is the top recommend place. Al-Qudra is a peaceful neighborhood. After Covid, projects like Al-Qudra have gained immense popularity due to the change in lifestyle.

From an investment perspective, investors can expect a surprising return on investment from this place. Moreover, comparing Houses Dubai rent of other projects with Al-Qudra, the rents are affordable.

Conclusion Remarks

The list of real estate projects we described above are the Best Dubai real estate projects 2022. There are several more projects are currently under construction. You can either take a look yourself or get in touch with Top real estate companies in Dubai.

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